Rakaya proudly sets itself different by establishing strongly instilled foundations making its name a known luxurious brand that produces luxury chocolate and sweets. Rakaya always puts quality as a top priority presenting a unique blend between Arabs hospitality and the finest types of chocolate for all sweets enjoyers. Rakaya became a frontrunner and a primary landmark in Chocolate producing and manufacturing. As Rakaya is known for unique and luxurious chocolate and sweets made by global and local professional chefs trained hands to produce the best quality that elevates to suit your businesses and tastes.


Our produce is known for being the best, using top quality Belgium chocolate. Rakaya makes sure that the options is open and uniquely designed with different types and different fillings. For client, chocolate types and fillings can be changed accordingly from the wide open options. We have the global and local experience to produce the best types of chocolate and sweets that uniquely suits you.

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Rakaya Factory for Food Industries, specializing in the manufacture of luxury and distinctive chocolate and sweets.
You can contact us at the following address:

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Al-Musfa district